Common denominators

I am here. Still circling the drain. Just kidding- not really…. ok, maybe a little. 8 days sober this time. Here’s what I put on Reddit yesterday- I have been embarrassed to tell y’all because I just don’t seem to learn do I?

He was very convincing and apologetic to get me back. That’s what happened- so 3 months later life is teaching me the same lesson. I am at the point that I wonder if I will ever “get it” and move forward.

8 thoughts on “Common denominators

  1. I have a single friend who was caught in traps with narcissistic men. She finally broke through. It’s hard, but she now knows what a healthy guy is like! Hasn’t fling one, so she is focusing on herself.
    I have no advice but I am glad you are 8 Days!

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  2. Please don’t go back to this guy. I think he will mess with your head massively and its really unhealthy for you … try being alone for a bit to heal. love Lily xxx (survivor of a horrendous relationship with a narcissist)

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  3. You don’t owe that dude anything. You need to take care of yourself. I loved that meme!!! Listen, it takes what it takes, you are exactly where you need to be and you keep trying. You keep coming back to this sober space. You are a divine being worthy of love. That guy is a fuckwit. 💖💖💖

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  4. Do not go back to that guy. Do not do not!! You deserve better than that and you know it girl. 8 days, awesome!! Just got back from Vegas tonight, laying back in my own bed after 6 days away… my longest time away ever. I learned a lot this trip I’ll say that and happy to say I’m sober today. Didn’t drink on my last day there and it was great.. can’t say the same for the first 5 days but oh well what can you do. I’ll write about it some time maybe, maybe not I dunno. Anyways, stay strong and keep in mind what’s important here… you!!

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