Mo’ money

I did it. I just spent money on doing the hip sobriety school. Sorry, the Temper or whatever it is called. Y’all know Holly? I have been following all sorts of people for years… but I always liked Holly the best. I like Belle too but I have done that… and Belle would say to try something different. So, the email came through about the last chance to sign up and I was in just the right hangover space and time to do it. I asked my mom and she encouraged it. It’s no secret to her that I want to be done with drinking. She sees me doing it. She sees the ramifications it causes to my body and general happiness.

Hopefully this will work. Something has got to give. I am stuck in a four year long asshole cycle. I quit, I moderate, I quit, I moderate and then I overdo it and want to die. Then, I drink again. I listen to sober podcasts in the morning and stop and buy alcohol on the way home from work. I still hate my job. I have to quit. I should’ve quit yesterday. Didn’t go today because I couldn’t bare it. Now, I have the anxiety of not going because I drank last night. So, to fix it I signed up for this course because I need help.

Have a feeling you will be hearing more from me in this autumn season. In the meantime, wish me well.

9 thoughts on “Mo’ money

  1. Ohhh deary, that is quite the circle of darkness, I know it all too well. I hope the hip sobriety (I like that make way better), is going to kick ass for you. You got this!! Big hugs! Xx

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  2. Glad you’re back. There’s no harm in trying a new approach. I know the cycle of listening to sobriety podcasts in the morning and buying alcohol on the way home well. I used to listen to That Sober Guy every morning and would still get piss drunk at night. I had to totally shatter my life routine to stop.

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