The Bode Miller Award

“The goal is the same every year- to not hurt myself” Bode Miller

While my trip to Chile was in fact fantastic there were things that I am still working out. My coaches gave me the Bode Miller award for our group. Everyone got an award… on a keychain. It was sweet. Mine was weird. Bode had been on the World Cup team with one of my coaches and while he is an Olympic medal winner and an accomplished skier he did his own thing. Had a reputation for it. Maybe I was tired but it kinda hurt my feelings. I didn’t hear everything she said because I was spacing out and I know she meant well, when I asked a guy in our group what he thought of Mr Miller, he said, “he was the rebel, the party guy. Kind of a drunk, but he won” And with that I went to bed while the rest of my group went and danced on tables together until 3 am to end the week. We were flying out the next afternoon and I wanted to ski in the morning. I was a little grumpy and tired and I felt like an outcast. It’s like they had all finally bonded and I missed it.

“The days where you crash, you… get your drink, get your clothes, cruise the lodge, take your boots off, have some food, go home, take a nice shower, hang out with your buddies, read your book.” Bode Miller

Y’all would have been proud of me for my control around the alcohol. Ok. Maybe not, I did drink but I was also so keenly aware of how much I was taking in as to not ruin the next day. One lady in our group missed an entire day of skiing because she was too hungover to get out of bed.

The dining room was the most difficult part for me. So much commotion and giant portions of food, some of it strange, it was hard. We ate there 3 times a day as a group. The table manners of my cohorts were little to be desired. If I could have taken a sandwich off to a corner of the quiet part of the hotel, I would have been better off. I probably would have gotten more substanence. The first few times we entered the dining room, I felt dizzy. Like I was on an amusement park ride. It was the eating disorder- that old tired hag just won’t quit. I would excuse myself before dessert to go smoke and recollect myself. I did the best I could with the food and they made money off of me for sure and next time, I might do something else to accommodate my needs. Big group meals 3 times a day for 7 days in a row is not easy for a person who almost died from anorexia.

I was also the only smoker, well, except for some of the staff and a few Brazilians. I didn’t smoke my normal amount because of the elevation and I tried to hide it but I didn’t quit. Maybe Bode smoked?

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and by Monday I pretty much knew everyone in the hotel. Ok, not everyone but I had chatted and made friends with the staff, the Utahns, the Chileans, the Brazilians, the New Yorkers, a giant group of partiers from DreamWorks. I’d be with my group and they would come say hi or wave and call my name, and I would get questions on how I knew them. I am just not a shy person when I travel. I’ll talk to anyone, maybe it’s all the damn Grateful Dead shows or the Camino. I just turn social and I learned a long time ago that people will tell you anything if they think you are listening. Plus the venue of this ski vacation was conducive for just this sort of thing, making friends. Also, the wine helped.

“Sometimes it’s all about the win, sometimes all about the skiing” Bode Miller

As I conclude this post, I have decided that Bode Miller is a bad ass and I should feel honored. It was an incredible experience and I need to find a way to do it again. It’s not for people without any money and I am going to be one of those people soon if I don’t start envisioning a new job.

It doesn’t matter that it’s the Olympics. I just did it my way. I am not a martyr, and I am not a do-gooder. I just want to go out and rock. And man, I rocked here.” Bode Miller

3 thoughts on “The Bode Miller Award

  1. It doesn’t sound like they meant it as an insult. I doubt they were directing the drunk comment at you, but you probably know that. 🙂 Congrats on your award!

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    1. Thanks, I just feel weird because I felt like I didn’t bond with the group as much. Guilt from somewhere but they are also so financially out of my league- I don’t know. I just hoped they liked me.


      1. I’m sure they did! I’ve found that people who are financially out of my league (everyone) doesn’t care about my income nearly as much as I do.

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