South American Winter

I slept 14 hours last night and I feel pretty comfortable in my body this morning. Perhaps I can write about my time last week. I am on my phone so perhaps not.

Portillo was as good as the Camino del Santiago as far as my life adventures have gone. Just as intense, just as informative, just as life changing, just way more condensed. A week instead of six of hard body work, letting things happen as they should and seeing new horizons. Stretching the eyeballs and my spirit to new places I couldn’t have imagined had I not been there myself.

Where to begin?

I absolutely love skiing. Our group of skiers were all well advanced. Our trainers blew my mind. My skiing changed. Our whole group got better. It was fucking fantastic. I can’t wait for snow to go again and practice what I learned. Praying I don’t forget I keep going over in my mind how it felt, the pressure in my ski boots, keeping my arms forward and being aggressive and strong in pushing down the hill, feeling the bend in the ski and the corner of my boot and the control of flying. The physics of skiing that I learned in Portillo was life changing. I really, really want to go back next year.

Portillo is a resort that likened to my mind of Dirty Dancing, you know that place in the Pokonos, instead of dancing we were skiing and nobody keeps Baby in the corner.

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