This ain’t no Downton Abbey….

So, after the last post about horrible stomach bile anxiety, I went for a hike on Thursday with my friend, who is saved in my phone as FBI Rob.This is the top of it, Lake Catherine. (2 miles, straight uphill) and that shit I wrote the other day was gone out of my body in about 20 minutes of my heart beating and my ass muscles waking up- they hadn’t had that kind of blood flow that I have been aware of for a long, long time. It felt good, because I know how to breathe in…I used to not be able to know how to breathe. I still don’t, I smoke cigarettes. I can pretend I have good lungs…. or at least they are still responding and I know how not to hold my breath when my legs extend. My corner 7-11, have two packs sitting on the counter for me before I walk in, I ♥️my guys at sev. They are East India immigrants that have master degrees in engineering, fairly certain that 7-11 is treating them better than whatever one can get a job in the land of the Mormon as a “non-native.” They own it, they charge more… Whatevs, its sevs in the affluent neighborhood Cottonwood. But, this ain’t no country club – wait, what?Can you or can you not see the skull with roses in the cloud reflection in the water?I know every name of all of these flowers because of my grandma, Edith. They are all so familiar I wonder if I am telling a falsehood to FBI Rob from Baltimore who has never spent a summer in the Wasatch – who hasn’t ever seen these flowers before? Sego Lily, Indian paintbrush… 🤣🤣😁🙄 blue bell cockle shellsAnyway, you got to this point.

After I found some snow and made a picture, is it uphill or downhill?

This post is half written… but I am publishing it anyway. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense but the pictures are nice.

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