Where did all y’all go?

I bought a computer to be able to type out all of my woahs and loves…. and I have the perfect opportunity to do this. All my blogging pals have stopped. I am no better, but I shall start again

14 thoughts on “Where did all y’all go?

  1. I’ve found it difficult recently – I feel I’ve nothing new to say just same old same old…. But in someways what’s it matter if no one reads this whatever maybe the best bit is just to write it out of my head

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      1. Awww, ya I am here still popping in from time to time. I gave up on writing though, made me too depressed. Hope you’re well!! Maybe I’ll write again in a few months, right now though I’m living the single life and havin fun xx

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  2. Not sure if you follow me but I haven’t stopped per se, I just only write about once a month. I did delete my old blog and start a new one when I got “officially sober” (ie: more than 2 days) and I kind of wish I hadn’t done that just so I’d have the old woeful me to look back on but what’s done is done! I’ve tried to get into a more frequent routine but realistically I don’t have that much to say on a weekly basis. I tried moving my blog in a more “general” direction instead of just alcoholism and still don’t have that many ideas, lol.

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