Police contacted

Putting the brakes on informing the Dean of what a sleaze bag he is, my dear friend is really good friends with the heads of the department and she said she would wait until I am comfortable. I may never be comfortable.

I contacted the police this morning and the officer called him and told him to quit texting and calling and to stay away from me. He said he would appreciate the same from me. Whatever, dude. I did send him a letter in the mail telling him to quit, I informed the police what was written and that this was before I found out about the stalking charges and three DUI’s. They said that was fine and if he tries to contact me again they will be there. He’s on their radar.

This sucks. I am going to an afternoon movie to get out of my head.

5 thoughts on “Police contacted

  1. You’ll know this already, but don’t send him anything else. I know from experience how inflammatory silence is to a stalker. If you go quiet they can’t bear it, but responding can be even worse. They win if there’s contact. I hope you managed to put this out of your mind for a few hours at least. Thinking about you (in a non stalker way). X

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  2. Thank goodness you pulled away from this guy. He sounds so frightening! I hope you can keep yourself in a peaceful and self-healing environment through this.

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