Drinking Dreams

I dreamt that I was at some sort of event, out on a hillside with a lodge and large patios. Everyone was drinking and mingling. I was sitting at the sign-in table and I looked up the hill and I see a woman tumble out of her chair and people laughing. The next thing I know here comes Bea Author from the Golden Girls with a glass of prosecco (I’ve never had this, I’ve just read about it in blogs) and she tells me I have to drink it because she was really embarrassed when she fell out of her chair and if I drink it then it will erase the memory for her. I said, “but I am sober.” She said, “No darling, your job at this event is to drink away everyone’s pain and embarrassment. Bottoms up” and she put it in my hand. And I won’t lie, a little part of me was glad that was my job for this conference. So, I drank it and thought this might not turn out so well. I’m going to get really drunk.

And then I woke up wondering how the hell Bea Author got into my dreams. I couldn’t remember if she had died already or not. She has, it took me a minute.

I have a funny story about a friend of mine who met her once (and it might just be a story he made up,) he’s an actor and lives in New York and he went up to her at a party and was telling her that he loved her work and Betty White and all of the other Girls and she turned to him looked him square in the eyes and said, “Betty White is a cunt.” With a hard emphasis on the “t” sound and walked away. He about fell on the floor laughing.

10 thoughts on “Drinking Dreams

  1. That is hilarious! – not you drinking, of course, but what your friend said. I wonder sometimes how in the heck our minds come up with the things in our dreams!

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  2. I hope you were able to shake the drunk dream quickly! I have a lot of trouble when I have those. I wake up thinking that I relapsed and I can’t shake the feeling. The bit about Betty White? Haha. What a cooky and hilarious dream.

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    1. Oh- yeah, I was ok. Relieved. Little disappointed about ending my drinking career without having the Italian champagne because it was good in my dream. But, I’m fine. How the hell Bea Author got there was more of a mystery. It’s not like I have been watching golden girls. ..

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  3. What a dream! I’m into dreams-and one thing that I’ve learned is that unless a person in a dream is like a saint-say Jesus or Mary-they represent a part of you. Your psyche created the dream-and of all the people that could have been in this particular one, it was Bea Arthur. So the question would be what does she mean/represent to you? To me, she was and portrayed a strong, independent woman with a good head on her shoulders as well as a sharp and sometimes stinging wit. While underneath it all she had a soft heart. As for the prosecco, it could symbolize something like “missed opportunities”-and not necessarily meaning alcholic beverages. You have to figure out what it means to you-for you. I keep a journal where I write down all my dreams-that I can remember. I also sometimes do some research into meanings of things and see if they fit for me.
    And as for the real Prosecco-you’re not missing a thing! Sour bubbles!!!

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    1. Thank you! I was hoping someone would read into it and tell me what it means. I usually stay away from champagne because it would make me sick to my stomach. But I did like a sparkling rose` but thinking about it now, makes me sick.

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      1. Thanks, but what about the part of having to drink it to take away everyone’s pain and embarrassment? That stuck with me the most. There’s this movie called the Sin Eater that I hadn’t thought about until the dream. It’s about an old southern folklore …. I can’t quite remember what it’s about- going to have to look for it again.

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